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General Issue
Spring 2017 | 43.1

Obsidian Digital Table of Contents


Blerim •
Andrew e. Colarusso

from Rode On 
Betsy Fagin

Untitled Love Song •
Falsetto •
Reginald Harris

American Negro •
Ashaki M. Jackson

Leave Me Alone •
Wuornos •
The Carrion Bible •
Sean Kilpatrick

Hunt and Polo •
From the Bird’s Nest •
David Lohrey

King Kong on Old Broadway •
Hermine Pinson

Homage to DeCarava •
Crystal Rudds

Martial Language 
Inheritance •
Kevin Simmonds


Sound •
Ernest Hardy

When Fire Flies •
Trasi Johnson

Plastic City •
Leslie Ann Murray

excerpt from The Last Salsa Singer •
Ivelisse Rodriguez

Exhibited •
Andre Jones

River See & Supplementary Materials •
Sharon Bridgforth


Postmodernist Exilic Imagination in Tanure Ojaide’s When It No Longer Matters Where You Live •
Henri Oripeloye
Transcription of Text for the Artwork Lay-in Drapeaux for Justin Horton Smith •
Zeal Harris


Klingon Cloak for a Black Paladin •
Zeal Harris

Flowers of Flesh •
“Read what my metal says, COURAGE; ain’t it the truth, ain’t it the truth!” •
Worthless Limbs •
Freedom For Our Descendants •
Ayo Jackson

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