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Cover Art Front and Back: Daniel Coates, The Conch Malkia & Prince of Nyota
Interior Page: Daniel Coates, Mfalme Butterfly

Obsidian Volume 46.2

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Studies of E. Brilliance: Spirit. Water. Sound. LIGHT. (2014–2019)
Kimberly M. Harmon

What Not to Do… (Beyond Print, an Ongoing Web Feature)
Michael Warr

Radiant Youth: Stories of Light & Darkness
Heads Up, Seven Up
Sheree Renée Thomas

Alex Jennings

Your Name
Stefani Cox

Kroger Cart
C. Liegh McInnis

On the Red Line
Jarohn Johnson

Stars Over Mississippi
Kristina Kay Robinson

Black Girl Magic
Chinonye Omeirondi

Baby Boy
Brianna Johnson

Visions & Words for Youth
Nancy D. Tolson, Guest Editor & Wesley Jacques, Associate Guest Editor

Black (from All My Poems Are Little Black Girls)
J. Morris Stone

Sweet Home Chicago
Gail Upchurch

When Boys Have Breasts: The First Kiss
Francis Miller

Narratives in the Life of SoJourner Truth Walker (1 & 2)
Sandra Jackson-Opoku

Urban Decay
Tyrell Collins

The Ghosts in Her Bones
Zetta Elliott

Narratives in the Life of SoJourner Truth Walker (3 & 4)
Sandra Jackson-Opoku

I forgive you, but it is my Christian duty to punish you
Lutivini Majanja

Perched (from All My Poems Are Little Black Girls)
Books (from All My Poems Are Little Black Girls)
J. Morris Stone

Mark J. Weaver

Retour au pays natal: What African-Born French Authors Tell Their Young Readers about Their Native Country
Élodie Malanda

Narratives in the Life of SoJourner Truth Walker (5 & 6)
Sandra Jackson-Opoku

Memories of Things Unseen
City View
Running Man
The Field of Dreams
Mark J. Weaver

Church of the Diaspora
Rahel Worku

Tyrell Collins

autobiography of my mother’s daughter
Emerald Carter

Daddy’s Death Day
Tyrell Collins

Below the Spanish Moss
The Long Road Home
Gatekeeper #1

Young Black Americans
Victor Adetunji Johnson

Those Eyes
Kenneth A. Tolson, Jr.

Editors’ Folio

Visual Art
21st c. Pieta
Six Feet Please
Black Votes Matter
Candace Hunter

Oh Yes I Can
Kimberly M. Harmon

Andrea Walls

mind scream of Ironman #28
Omowale Jesse N. Alexander III

Josh Myers

Charleston Parable
Casey Rocheteau

What Not to Do . . . (an unfinished poem)
Michael Warr

Furious Flower Poetry Prize, 2020
Swaying with Wicked Grace: A Preface to the Furious Flower Folio
Lauren K. Alleyne

On the Winning Poems by Diamond Forde
Kei Miller, Judge

Creation Myth
The First Born
How to Build a Holy Tabernacle
Diamond Forde

On the Honorable Mention Poems by Kweku Abimbola
Kei Miller, Judge

Kweku Abimbola

Same Nobody
Sherese Francis

an ode to my mother or how to make prom prom
Maurisa Li-A-Ping

Give us this day
Akosua Zimba Afiriyie-Hwedie

Florida Women
Desert Roses in the Tropics
Christell Victoria Roach

Sestina for the “sex talk”
Brittany Rogers

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