Note: photos & video taken at Infinite Games in Chicago, where over 50 national and international artists, designers and architects were invited “to produce work using or based on the stockpile of CPS furniture. Imagined as an expanding and mutating memorial archive, Infinite Games invites both a playful and critical response to the issues of…(Read More)

The real problem here is not that few women write, it’s that few women are represented in the literary world. We’ve all heard of legends like Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Octavia Butler, but they’re often fighting for space on bookshelves and syllabi with William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, William Faulkner…(Read More)

We invite you to join Obsidian Digital in our newest web venture, a collaborative space for Experiments in Joy by artists of the African Diaspora and allies. An extension of the ongoing collaborative creative-critical arts practice announced at Antioch College in 2014 and featured in Obsidian’s fall 2015 special issue, these Experiments in…(Read More)

Lynnée Denise creates multi-dimensional and multi-sensory experiences that require audiences to apply critical thinking to how the arts can hold viable solutions to social inequality…(Read More)

C. Davida Ingram is a conceptual artist whose work creates counter-narratives about race and gender via social practice projects, performances, and installations. Her art explores desire, space, time and memory using blackness as its prism…(Read More)