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8 Resources for Creative Writers: Part 2

8 Resources for Creative Writers: Part 2

Here is our continued list of creative writing resources that anyone can use to overcome roadblocks and improve their craft: Created by the Academy of American Poets, is another resource for all things poems. According to their website, “its...

8 Resources for Creative Writers: Part 1

Whether it’s for a hobby or a career, creative writing is just another method of self-expression. It can be fulfilling, gratifying, and rewarding. But, it can also be stressful, anxiety-inducing, and counterproductive. That’s when we turn to our favorite book/author...

10 Organizations You Should Be Following On Social Media

If you use social media, chances are that you are following hundreds of people and organizations. Some may be for entertainment, others may be creative outlets. If you're a creative writing/aspiring author, you're most likely following, sharing, and liking content...

Myth Four: The Writer is a Hermit

  I know, I know, some of you are reading the title of this and saying, “But I write better alone” or “I like being alone.” It’s okay, I can be the same way. Though, when you’re a writer, I argue that you’re never actually alone. The characters are there with...

The History of Poetry

The word “poetry” itself comes from the Greek word poieo meaning “I create,” and create it does. Poetry is used to convey love, lyrics, anger, hate, magic… poetry is a method of creation and manifestation, a method of memory and preservation. Poetry is an art form,...

Poetry: Three Common Misconceptions

Although this chilly Monday morning may not be the spring weather many of us are looking for, it is indeed April! Therefore, in honor of National Poetry Month, I encourage you to grab a warm beverage, find a comfortable seated position, and, as a reader, to embrace...

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