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5 Poetry Terms That You Should Know

Poetry. It’s a single word that comes with a multitude of definitions. Poetry has existed since man first learned to invent a creative thought and long predates the history of human literacy. Oral poetry likely existed long before ink first hit parchment, and written...

Rosa Parks House May Be Coming Home

As reported by Yonette Joseph of The New York Times in her September 2nd article, Rosa Parks’ house is being shipped back from Berlin, where it had been restored. In 2008, during the financial crisis shaking America at the time, Ms. Rhea McCauley paid $500 to remove...

Nikki Giovanni’s New Cathartic Collection

The emotional woman, the heartbroken girl, the damsel in distress that must be saved - women are deeply emotional creatures... or at least that’s how we are portrayed through most pop culture media outlets. How do we get through an extremely trying time in our lives?...

Furious Flower Poetry Prize

Do you or someone you know have unpublished poems? Do you want to get your poetry out there? Check out this award! Submit up to three unpublished poems by February 11 at midnight and you could win $1,000. The winner will be published in the next issue of Obsidian....

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