Outta Sight: Black Listening in Performance

Join us for our next  public event on Thursday, June 27, 2024.

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Image of event flyer based on Artwork by Nettrice Gaskins, Algorhythmic Reverie, 2022, with the words outta sight written in gold letters above a black, gold and white speaker, same speaker on the other side of the image, a picture of a blue woman with hair styled in a top knot, against a gold and blue background

Artwork by Nettrice Gaskins, Algorhythmic Reverie, 2022.

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10 More Poetry Terms That You Should Know

It’s all about the layers. The thing about poetry is that it’s not meant to be simple. Straightforward statements and easy explanations are not what a poet has in mind. Poet’s use many literary and poetic devices like word play, rhythm, enjambment, and more to add...

Myth Three: Every Writer is Perfect

We’ve been noticing that a lot of people think that every writer is born knowing how to spell a number of words perfectly and with perfect grammar. The Obsidian MythBusters are here to say: that’s not true. As we pointed out in Myth Two: Only Young Geniuses Create...

A Valuable Lesson

A good educationis something both children and adults take for granted. Collectively, many students and teachers have lost their passion and integrity in regards to the learning process. Due to a decreasing interest and engagement towards course material, the same...

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