Jason “Da Hater” Harris


JasonDa HaterHarris is an emcee from Memphis and a self-described disgruntled hip-hop fan.


Featured Work

The Heirloom: Preserving HBCU Futures special issue of Obsidian features
“Burn,” “Microphone Wizard,” and “Stuff of Local Legend” from Jason Da Hater.

Jason "Da Hater" Harris

Jason "Da Hater" Harris

Artist Statement


Da Hater, yeah that’s right, Da Hater, a Memphian who is not an artist but a disgruntled hip-hop fan. He wishes that it would be a requirement for rappers to have some skills so he could be banned along with all of the other wack rappers. Being an avid procrastinator he is unsure of what songs to perform for shows in a timely manner, but he guarantees it will not be a pleasure for you to listen. Boo this man!

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Jason Da Hater is 6’3, 230 lbs, and runs a sub 5 second 40 yd dash. Da Hater believes in tough love and constructive criticism, but has the skills to apply both without conflict or disrespect. Da Hater is an emcee from Memphis, TN, who attended the Fresh Fest in the 80s, which tells you that he is old. Some consider his style as similar to emcees in the Golden Era and some do not consider it at all. He is a horrible rapper, but you can judge for yourself. Da Hater won The Most Inspirational Teacher three times at Whitehaven High School, is the only person in the Hall of Fame in The Iron Mouth Battle League, and threw a crucial interception on the goal line in a flag football tournament game preventing his team from winning a championship. Unfortunately for the masses, Da Hater loves to rap.

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