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Lynnée Denise creates multi-dimensional and multi-sensory experiences that require audiences to apply critical thinking to how the arts can hold viable solutions to social inequality.


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Lynnée Denise

Lynnée Denise

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Lynnée Denise coined a phrase that encapsulates her approach to her discipline calling it DJ Scholarship. The term explains how her work calls on both sonic and physical archives, and film and photography to make sense of the current standing of history—as history isn’t static and is subject to erasure and revision. Lynnée Denise coined the phrase ‘DJ Scholarship’ to re-position the role of the DJ from a party purveyor to an archivist, cultural custodian and information specialist of music with critical value. Through interactive workshops, lectures and presentations at universities, conferences and performance venues, Lynnée Denise harnesses music as a medium for vital public dialogue on how to transform the way that music of the Black Atlantic is understood in its social context and beyond entertainment. As a DJ scholar, she draws from her personal collection of thousands of pieces of music to understand the social and cultural context of music and the ways in which music has served as an alternative platform to re-imagine a more humanizing experience for daily black life.

The goal of Lynnée Denise’s work is to use her role as a DJ to raise awareness about the need for the intentional and critical study  sci-fi soul music with hopes of presenting the music as an extension of the speculative fiction and afrofuturistic literary movement. This mix features electronic music from the African Diaspora, space themed Black American jazz and Chicago and Detroit based house and techno music.

DJ Lynnée Denise was shaped as a DJ by her parent’s record collection. She’s an artist, scholar, and writer whose work reflects on underground cultural movements, the 1980s, migration studies, theories of escape, and electronic music of the African Diaspora.

Her work is inspired by underground cultural movements, migration studies, queer cultural production, and electronic music of the African Diaspora in the 1980s. You can hear more of her work at http://djlynneedenise.com.

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