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The word “poetry” itself comes from the Greek word poieo meaning “I create,” and create it does. Poetry is used to convey love, lyrics, anger, hate, magic… poetry is a method of creation and manifestation, a method of memory and preservation.   Poetry is an art form, one that predates literacy. Researchers believe that the…(Read More)

Happy Women’s History Month! The idea for Women’s History Month began in a small town in California’s school event. In 1986, fourteen out of fifty states had declared March as Women’s History Month. A year later, the United States as a whole followed suit. There are some really cool events planned…(Read More)

As reported by Yonette Joseph of The New York Times in her September 2nd article, Rosa Parks’ house is being shipped back from Berlin, where it had been restored. In 2008, during the financial crisis shaking America at the time, Ms. Rhea McCauley paid $500 to remove the house from the demolition list. Ms. McCauley…(Read More)