Obsidian Digital’s Experiments in Joy

Introductory statement
Duriel E. Harris, Editor

In an ongoing poetics project initiated in August 2016 via Harriet (The Poetry Foundation’s blog for poetry and related news), I am inviting poets and artists to participate in a collaborative creative-critical arts practice by attending to the Call & Response Performance Ensemble’s prompt to conduct Experiments in Joy (announced at Antioch College in 2014 and featured in Obsidian’s fall 2015 special issue). Black artists and their allies are invited to share reflections and artworks towards shared joy and our collaborative creation of the worlds we inhabit—and the worlds that inhabit us.

—Duriel E. Harris, Editor

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[1] “Discard anything that does not spark joy.” So says Japanese organizational consultant Marie Kondo. We all know what she means. Get rid of everything that does not carry sentiment or that does not give pleasure. But joy? Do things give you joy? I like my sweater. It’s comfortable. It makes me feel confident…(Read More)

We invite you to join Obsidian Digital in our newest web venture, an extension of the ongoing collaborative creative-critical arts practice announced by the Call & Response Ensemble at Antioch College in 2014 and featured in Obsidian’s fall 2015 special issue. We’re excited to extend that work by opening up this collaborative…(Read More)