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Catholics and history buffs alike may have heard of the $18.5 million restoration of the Cathedral of Chartres in Chartres, France. Before taking a side to the debate concerning the restoration, allow me to lay out some facts. For those of you that may not know about Black Madonnas, let’s discuss them. Black…(Read More)

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jennifer G. Robinson via Skype. Jennifer is the founder and director of the Digital film festival Women of the Lens, a festival from the UK that is dedicated to showcasing women of color in the creative industries. Jennifer spoke to me about her inspiration and drive for…(Read More)

[1] “Discard anything that does not spark joy.” So says Japanese organizational consultant Marie Kondo. We all know what she means. Get rid of everything that does not carry sentiment or that does not give pleasure. But joy? Do things give you joy? I like my sweater. It’s comfortable. It makes me feel confident…(Read More)

Talent is not always discovered early; sometimes it takes time. Mary Shelley and Helen Oyeyemi were discovered before they were thirty, but what about those like Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison? They really became known when they were older, after years of hard work. Here we have, then, “young geniuses” and “old masters.” There is…(Read More)

1. The first pencil was invented in England in 1565. 2. The Pop Art display of Andy Warhol’s 1962 Campbell’s Soup cans are arranged chronologically in the order Campbell’s introduced the soups in the Museum of Modern Art. Warhol had never specified how to display them. 3.Flavor Flav can play fifteen…(Read More)